Best Practices at the Dealership

In today's world, most dealerships have some kind of a customer review on their site. 
Most dealerships have customer reviews typed, but the customers have no way of knowing if these people are real or fake.
A video review on the other hand, makes it a personal recommendation from a previous happy customer.
Video reviews are a great reference for you dealership.
Visitors trust reviews from a customer (someone they can relate to) much more easily than a dealer saying "Buy from us, we are the best"
They increase trust and provide the authenticity needed for your customer reviews to stand out.

Below are a few questions to keep in mind when using customer reviews for your dealership.

1) How long should the video review be?
Customer reviews about their experience at your dealership should not be more than 1 minute.
This helps prospects quickly sift through them and get the confidence they need to call and schedule a test drive.

2) What should the customer talk about?
Ask the customer to cover the following points
- Ask them to say their name and their city of residence
- What did they buy from you (product/service)
- What did they like about your business
- If they would recommend you

3) Is it OK to incentivse the customer for the review
It is perfectly OK to incentivise the customer for a review.
There are some disagreements on paying for their review, but you can always use it as a way to qualify them for a monthly draw

4) What is the best time to ask for a video review?
The best time to ask them for a video review is when they are on premise at the dealership.
For service, it would be while they are in the waiting lounge
For sales, it would be before handing them over their keys.

5) Should your employee record the video or should the customer record their own review
The best approach is to ask the customer if it is OK to record a video review while you have them at the dealership
You can also email the customer the invitation info and let them record it themselves using their own smartphone at their convinience.
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