Why are Video Reviews important

With the technology available today anyone can set up a website for their business. Most customers know that. This is why no one really trusts what you say about your own business.
But most customers will invest the time to listen to someone else's opinion of your business. Obviously, they would trust someone they know personally more than a video review of your business by someone they do not know. But they would most certainly like to hear opinions about your business from someone else but you.

Videos Review are a very effective tool to build credibility.

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A McKinsey report says the average buyer visits just 1.6 auto dealerships while car shopping. This means they are looking up your dealership’s information online using a desktop, tablet or phone.

This is why video reports are so important. They may be the reason a buyer may choose a near by competitor over your dealership.

After all, your marketing spend will help get a customer to your website, but having video reviews will help improve conversion rates .

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